#WeCareDoYou – Acknowledging Josh Kroenke acknowledging us!

Josh responding to the #WeCareDoYou statement.

Thank you to the 100,000 (and counting) Arsenal fans who joined with us in signing the #WeCareDoYou statement.

We appreciate Josh Kroenke’s quick response to the statement and his addressing of some of the issues raised.

KSE has been majority shareholder at Arsenal for over 10 years. We therefore feel as fans we have shown patience and great support through our love of The Arsenal during KSE’s ‘custodianship’.

As fans we have not only consistently sold out both home and away games but also have huge numbers of overseas fans who show massive dedication. It is our view that despite this unwavering support and patience from fans, KSE has not taken the club forward.

We are pleased that more openness has been shown but feel there is still a long way to go in our journey and that the club needs to take its support more seriously. We look forward to Stan and Josh Kroenke giving more detail to the points raised – not just “we want to win trophies” style platitudes.

On Thursday 25 July, Arsenal is holding a Q&A event for supporters groups at Emirates Stadium with the club’s executive management. We hope that further openness will be shown at this time.

Once again, thanks to all Arsenal fans who have supported #WeCareDoYou. We’re in this together and will continue to push for better at The Arsenal.

We Care Do You?